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At Paulo Freire Freedom School, our advisory program is an essential piece of our positive school culture.  Each student is in an advisory made up of about 12 students from all three grades. The advisory become a student's school family.  The advisor is the first contact for their advisee's families and helps keep them up to date on how their student is doing at school academically and emotionally.  We are always looking for ways to help families feel connected to our school and each student knows that their advisor is there to support then through all three years at PFFS.

Our advisory program supports student social and emotional growth, provides a space to explore and process current events, allows opportunities for personalized academic support, and creates a small community full of authentic connection which allows students to fully express their identities and interests.

Our advisory program is a powerful component of our transformative learning community.  Advisories help students be fully seen for who they are and for who they aspire to be.  Our advisors create meaningful relationships with students that support their growth throughout middle school and beyond.  

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