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Student, staff, and community wellness is a priority at our schools.  At PFFS, we are intentional about our school culture in order to create safe, welcoming, nourishing, and healing spaces where students feel fully themselves and fully part of the learning community.

There are many ways we address student wellness.  Social-emotional learning is a foundational part of our academic framework, and we integrate social-emotional learning throughout our curriculum, including in our advisories.  We are intentional about supporting the interpersonal skills of our students so they collaborate well with others, make safe and healthy choices, and build supportive and joyful relationships. 

We offer a wide-range of electives which support the physical wellness of our students.  From dance to yoga to P.E., our students have ample opportunities to move their bodies and explore they ways exercise can improve their health and wellness.

The identities and cultures of our students and families are valued at our schools.  We work to create an inclusive and welcoming community for all learners, including BIPOC students and families, the LGBTQIA community, neurodivergent learners, and other students who have been historically marginalized.  By recognizing, discussing, and disrupting systems of oppression,  we send a clear message to our students that their identities, cultures, values, and ways of being are valued.  When our students, families, and staff feel valued, they feel a deep sense of belonging.  And belonging is a critical component of wellness. 


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